We protect your privacy

When you browse the site, we collect a few things to make repeat visits more enjoyable for you. The information collected are vague items such as referring URL, IP address, pages viewed, browser type and date and time of visit. This information gives us insight to future site revisions that can enhance your experience.

Making a reservation

When placing a reservation with us we ask you provide information such as Name, Address and payment information. Although we store you name and address for customer service efforts, we will not distribute or provide that information to any third party vendor.

We do not store any credit card information. All transactions are handled through our gateway processor Authorize.net.

Third party policies

The information provided to gatehousegardens.com for use on public pages will help other visitors to interact with the content.

Web sites that have links on gatehousegardens.com may have privacy policies that differ from ours. We encourage you to read any and all privacy policies before using a web site. We are not responsible for content, terms or policies of any site that links to us or that we link to.

We may be required to disclose visitor information collected pursuant to legal requests (e.g. subpoenas or court orders), or in order to be compliant with applicable laws. We do not release information until we have a good faith belief that requests by law enforcement or litigants meet ethical and applicable legal standards.